Monday, September 13, 2010

And the winners are. . .

Yes, you read that right ~ I said WINNERS!!! I reached my goal of 250 followers so I have put together another goody package! Here's what the second winner will receive:

~ a black and purple Halloween rag garland. The picture doesn't show it, but the purple fabric has little bats on it. Too cute! This one doesn't measure as long as the one in the "first place" package. Not sure why cause I bought the same amount of fabric. But I held it up to my fireplace mantel and it was long enough to go all the way across. So I hope it works for the winner.
~ one of my faux caramel apples
~ a box of Candleberry Tarts in Cinnamon Broomstick flavor. I promise that when you melt these babies, your whole house will smell like cinnamon. It's awesome!
~ a set of my homemade salt dough ornies. This set includes leaves, candy corn, sunflower, stars, moons, and pumpkins. These are handmade, painted, and wax dipped by me!

There will also be a couple of extra goodies thrown in cause that's just how I roll!
Here's a pic of the "runner up" package:

And just in case you've forgotten, here's a pic of the "first place" package:

So are you ready to hear who the lucky winners are???

Drum roll please! The "first place" package which includes the orange and black rag garland, the crow gameboard, and the ceramic pie plate with potpourri (there will be a couple of extras in this package as well) is:

Jessica @ Country Whispers!!!!

And the "runner up" package goes to:

Samantha @ Samantha's Accessories and More!!!

Congrats to both of you lovely ladies. Thank you so much for following me and if you will e-mail me your mailing addys, I will get your packages right out to you! You can e-mail me at

Thank you all for signing up for my giveaway. I love doing these giveaways and am already planning in my head for the next one. So if you didn't win this one, don't fret!

Until next time. . .


  1. Congrats to you 2 lovely ladies! Great wins!

  2. WHOO HOO Congrats to both of the winners, Donna does such a GREAT job on her crafts, she has ALOT of talent,
    Donna CONGRATS on all your follwers, I have been following you blog for awhile!!!

    Have a great evening.
    Prim Blessings,

  3. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS, they are so lucky. Love your header too. Have a wonderful night. Jen

  4. Thanks so much Donna!
    You can't see me but I'm doing a little happy dance at the moment.
    My day just hasn't been going that great (typical Monday, huh?) but it sure is ending a bit better.
    Congrats to Samantha too!

  5. Yay!! Im soo happy that I won! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Congrats to both winners!!


  7. Congrats to the lucky ladies..Nice prizes and maybe I will win the next give away and I'm sure it will look awesome in my new house :)

  8. Whohooo... Congrats! The winnings are fantastic! Yvonne

  9. Congratulations to your lucky winners!


  10. Congrats to both lucky winners. I hope you both enjoy your fall prizes.

  11. Congrats Ladies. Your so lucky. Thanks Donna for holding this great giveaway.

  12. Congrats to the winners! Love the purple rag festive.