Friday, August 12, 2011

We Are All The Same

As I read other's blogs, where sometimes very personal feelings and thoughts are shared openly, I have come to the realization that, as women, we are all the same.

We laugh. We cry. We take care of our families. We love. We work hard. We share. We hurt. We fall. We pick ourselves up. We go on.

Sometimes I feel like I am alone with the way I feel and the thoughts I have. Then I log on and start reading blogs and I quickly realize that there are others who are going through or have been through the very same thing that I am currently going through. Or even worse things, things that I am amazed they are surviving. I draw strength from their courage and I marvel at their tenacity to persevere when life is tough.

Today, my son flew from the nest. My heart is breaking. My heart is rejoicing. I have prepared myself for this moment from the very moment of his birth. I knew that my job as his mother would be to prepare him to face the world on his own. But I am still not ready. He's not ready. Or at least, I don't think he is. I know he will make mistakes. He may not always make the best choices. But I have to let him go and I have to let him try new things and sometimes fail. I have to let him grow up.

But I don't have to like it.

Today, my baby boy moved halfway across the country from me. My heart is breaking. My heart is rejoicing. Fly, my baby bird. Spread your glorious wings, for the sky is the limit. I'll cover you with prayers every single day. I'll cheer for you when you succeed and I'll cry with you when you fail. You are my heart and you are my soul. I love you deeply. Which is why this is so hard.

Life's about changing. Nothing ever stays the same. So I will change with it and I will rejoice in it.

And I will learn to like it. . . someday.

Until next time. . .


  1. Ohhh, Donna! We never get 'used to' our bbie flying the nest ... but it can be fun to watch them spread their wings. Smile, let your heart be lifted & treasure every moment you & he have.
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    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. Awwww Donna ((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))!!!! It is hard, I cried every day last june when mine left for basic training, I'd go in his room and lay on his bed and cry... it will get better with time, trust me sweet friend:) It is the period of *adjusting* to the change that is the hardest;) I'm always here for you if you need a shoulder, and your boy will be just fine:)

  3. I'm there with you . . . Just returned home this evening without our oldest son. He too is spreading his wings; not as far as your son, but far nonetheless Rejoicing and breaking heart . . . the bitter, the sweet, and the big lump in the throat that's so difficult to swallow. Many memories flood your thoughts, the pride and love you have for your "baby" is overwhelming . . . Where did the time go?! I'll pray for both of us and the safety and well being of our "young men." (:

    Take care and God bless ~

  4. Big hugs to you!! It is very hard when they leave home. My son is in Texas and we are in North Carolina. I worry about him every day!! That is just the Mama in us. Hugs,

  5. It's hard to let go of our children, but remember they will always be our babies not matter what their age. We will always worry and wonder if they are ok. Just keep in touch everyday and it will help alot. We can only be there when they need us and believe me they will need us no matter what their age.
    Country at heart

  6. I remembering going through that several times and some of them did come back...more than once. My Mother always said..."There are 2 lasting gifts we can give to our Children..1 is roots and the other is Wings. You will get used to it someday and I am sure he misses you even if he doesn't admit it :)
    Nancy from insidenanashead

  7. Oh Sweetie it is never easy to let them spread their wings. I've been through it 3 times now and it never got easier. My youngest who is 21 and just got married in May, when she left my heart was really broken and I was so sad but we have spent even more time together now. It is hard to let them go but just know that you've raised him right and he will land on his feet. We are always there for them no matter what. One day at a time and yes, we're all here for you :) Big hugs!

  8. O'Donna, I too am struggling with letting go! Sending you big bloggy hugs my friend.


  9. Oh Donna, sending you a big cyber hug. I'm sure you did a great job parenting him. He'll be ok It will take some time but you'll be feeling better. I pray the change gets easier one day at a time.

  10. Donna, wow that struck a nerve! Mine is leaving next week and I'm still in denial! Yes, we've been shopping and preparing and getting everything ready for him, but until I read your blog, I haven't been ready to deal with my feelings - you said it so well! I feel the same way as you put it! I don't want him to go - I do want him to go!
    Yikes! Lord help us all!

  11. I feel your sadness and it is so normal. That is part of the circle of life. Having been through it, the hurt is there, but you and more importantly He will survive. He will be much more appreciative of you when he comes home. One more thing. Be thankful he is mentally and physically able to "fly".

  12. Oh..... my boys are in their 40's but I still remember the sting of that day..... but it does get easier and as the years go by watching them grow and marry and have children brings a warmth that only a mother knows....