Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Me ~ From A to Z!

Hello all! Just plugging along here in Virginia, wishing Mother Nature would make up her mind! Our weather has been crazy this past week. One day it feels like summer, the next it's raining and cold! Enough already!

Several of my friends in blogland have been doing a "Getting to know me A to Z" kind of post. It's been interesting and funny learning about them and I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and share a little bit about me with y'all so here goes:

A ~ Age: 44 (yes, I'm old!)

B ~ Bed: Queen size and it still ain't big enough for me, the hubby and Sophie who insists on sleeping right smack dab in the middle of the bed. Really cuts down on snuggle time for me and the hubs! ;) She HATES for her Daddy to hug and kiss on her Mommy. Can we say jealous??!!

C ~ Chore you hate: Washing dishes!!! I don't currently have a dishwasher so everything has to be washed by hand. This was my main chore growing up and I hated it then and I hate it now. Really hoping Santa brings me a dishwasher for Christmas this year - we will see!

D ~ Dogs: Yes, our little Sophie. She's a Yorkie who just turned 2 years old last week. (Although, don't tell her she's a dog, she thinks she's a DIVA!!)

E ~ Essential start to your day: Coffee, coffee, coffee!!! 'Nuff said!

F ~ Favorite color: RED!!! Hubby hates it but I love it and would have red in every room of the house if he would go for it.

G ~ Gold or Silver: I'm a silver wearing gal! But white gold works too!

H ~ Height: I say 5'7" cause that's what they always told me when they measured us in school but seems like every time I go to the doctor and get my height measured they say 5'5". ???

I ~ Instruments you play: Um, does the radio count???

J ~ Job title: Well, as I'm currently unemployed (really hoping that changes real soon!) does Domestic Goddess count????!!!!

K ~ Kids: One son, Brandon, who is 18 years old and getting ready to leave for the Air Force. Proud and scared at the same time pretty much sums up my feelings on this one!

L ~ Live in: Virginia, born and raised!

M ~ Make of car you drive: 2006 Chevy HHR. Purple. The "gangsta mobile". Not my choice. Hubby saw it, fell in love with it, it came home with us. One day I will choose the car "I" want and hubs can have his precious HHR. For now, it's got four wheels and it runs. Good enough.

N ~ Nicknames: I don't really have any. I have an Aunt who calls me Lynn cause it's my middle name and a friend who calls me "D" (not really sure why) but other than that, I got nothing.

O ~ Overnight hospital stays: Several while I was preggo with my son due to blood pressure issues, two nights when I had my hysterectomy, and two nights when I had my gastric bypass. Other than that, I'm healthy as a horse!

P ~ Pet Peeves: Rude people. Especially drivers who insist on going 10 miles slower than the posted speed limit while driving in the "fast" lane. Drives me insane! Pun intended. :)

Q ~ Quote from a movie: "I love ya more than my luggage." From Steel Magnolias. I've seen this movie a billion times and I cry. Every. Single. Time.

R ~ Right or Left handed: I'm right handed. Although I can sign my name with my left hand and it is readable. If you're a first grader!

S ~ Siblings: I am the oldest of 3 and the only girl. My brothers and I are very close in age (2 years between each of us) and even though we live far away from each other, we still have a close relationship with one another. I am very thankful for that.

T ~ TV shows: I'm a reality tv show junkie. Amazing Race and Survivor are my two favs with Big Brother being a close third. Sad, I know. . .

U ~ Underwear: I'm really racy in this area - give me good ole cotton briefs any day! The bigger, the better! Ah, comfy!!!

V ~ Vegetable you hate: Beets. Ugh!!! Barf!! Gross!!

W ~ What makes you run late: Nothing! I absolutely hate to be late and get extremely irritated if I am late. (refer back to the pet peeve list!)

X ~ X-Rays: The only one I can remember is when I was in high school and had been having terrible tummy aches. They made me drink some chalky junk and then x-rayed my stomach. I barfed. And had to do it all again.

Y ~ Yummy food you make: Well, according to the hubs, everything I make is yummy! Do I have him trained well, or what??? I used to hate to cook, but about five years ago, I really started to get into it and I love to try new recipes. I'm not a very talented baker, but I'm gonna blame that on my ancient oven that never cooks anything right!!!

Z ~ Zodiac sign: I'm a Taurus. Yep, a bull in a china shop!!

So, there ya go! A bunch of stuff you probably never wanted to know about me! This was kind of fun and I hope y'all will join in and give it a whirl too!

I have been working on a few small projects this week. I am redoing a lamp shade on a small lamp I've had in my kitchen for a while. It's not turning out exactly like I had hoped, but I'm not giving up! I am also getting ready to start a total laundry room redo. I have a small laundry room and I will be trying to make it a more work friendly space. I can't wait to show y'all how that turns out. I'm trying to redo it for under $50 so we will see how that goes. I'm going to be reusing a lot of things I already have on hand here at the house. It's going to be a challenge!

Until next time. . .


  1. Hi Donna,
    Loved you A-Z list!!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I enjoyed your A-Z! You are most certainly NOT old, I am a year older than you...so there! My hubby works nights so I share my queen size bed with Kiah, LOL, it is NEVER enough room for the 2 of us:D

  3. Fun learning about you Donna. LOL at the Diva taking up teh middle of the bed. Gizzy sleeps right between Hubby and I's heads and she will meow all about it when we lean in for good night kisses. It's funny!!!!! Sometimes we do it again and again just to irratate her. LOL!


  4. What a fun post Donna! I've enjoyed learning fun things about you.

  5. Donna,

    I hate to break this kind of news to you like this...but I think we are sisters from another mister! LOL!
    Our A~Z list is scary alike and I was this close to a Steel Magnolias quote, the truth is I saw yours and I was like, "Wow that's freaky"...and went with Cold Mtn. instead.

    And not only that but our blog backgrounds look the same...but yours has that great beige middle piece and a dark border...I must admit I'm a little jealous.

    Geesha ~ from KIndred Primitives