Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 2012 ~ My Home

I was blog browsing earlier this morning and stumbled upon a blogger (sorry, I didn't think to jot down which blog it was so if this is your idea, thanks!) who has decided instead of resolutions for 2012, she would make 2012 her "project" year. I liked that idea, so I'm borrowing it.

I am at a crossroads of sort in my life right now. Scott and I became empty nesters this past year when both of our children graduated high school and flew the coop. His son still lives in the same town we do, but he hardly ever comes around to visit us unless he needs money or something like that. My son moved to Arkansas, which is where my mother and both of my siblings live. He has also signed up to join the Air Force for 6 years and will be leaving for basic training in March. In addition to all this, I quit my job back in August to pursue another job that I thought was going to be bigger and better! Well, that didn't work out. So I found another job. Again, moving on to better things. Um, not! That one didn't work out either. Scott was able to secure a much better paying job that is located much closer to home so now I don't HAVE to work if I choose not to. But I've worked all my life so now I find myself bored and with way too much time to think and worry about things I have no control over.

So, I've decided that I am going to focus on my very own Project 2012. Our home. Here's some of the things I'm going to tackle this year:

1. Get organized!!! I have a hard time with this. On some levels, I do great. For example, when I was working, my desk HAD to be neat or I could not get anything accomplished. Everything had it's place. However, at home, my desk area where I keep our mail, bills, etc. is not so organized. So I'm going to work on that.

2. Redo my laundry room. I am extremely excited about this project! Here's a sneak peek at what it looks like now:

Isn't that awful???? Yes, it is!!! Messy, messy, messy and totally unorganized. Laundry is such a mundane chore so I'm going to make it a bit more fun by transforming this room into a brighter place and creating storage to hide all that junk!

3. Mini makeover on my bathroom. Scott and I live in a small house. It's only a little over 1000 square feet. Three bedrooms, one bath. It's fine for just the two of us, although we are discussing adding an additional bathroom as well as making one of the bedrooms larger. But that is something that will have to come in time. So for now, my goal is to make what we have the best we can. The bathroom is currently decorated in a primitive, country style. And while that is ok, I'm ready for a change. Something a little more contemporary and brighter. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

4. Finish our kitchen makeover (cosmetic) we started last spring. We painted our cabinets and countertops, added hardware to the cabinets, added a faux brick backsplash behind the counters and stove area, and painted the walls in the dining area and kitchen. We also added a chair rail to the dining area and painted some freebie chairs I scored from a friend. Money ran short so we stopped there but my end goal is to put in new flooring, replace some of the appliances, install a new sink and faucet, and add crown moulding. Here's some pics of what we've done so far:

Chairs "before":

Chairs "after":

Faux brick backsplash "before":

Faux brick backsplash "after":

Countertops "before". You can also see in the pic that the cabinets were a dingy off white color when we started:

Countertops "after":

Paint colors and chair rail in dining area:

Our "new" white cabinets complete with hardware:

Scott cut out window pane patterns in the top cabinets above my sink area and installed plexi glass behind the panes. I painted the insides of the cabinets with the terra cotta red color we used in the dining area. We installed glass shelving and lights in both cabinets as well. In this pic, you can also see we carried the tan paint color from the dining area over to the kitchen area:

4. Paying more attention to details in my home. I find my decorating tastes are changing. I used to like more of the country look (not ruffled curtains!), but now I'm finding myself drawn towards a more contemporary look with touches of country. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. I like what I like! I find myself drawn to french country and Tuscan country colors. I'll figure it out someday!

Whew, that's quite a list when I go back and read it all! I think I've got my work cut out for me! I feel like our homes should reflect who we are, and not what others think we should be. So I am not trying to keep up with the Jones', so to speak. My goal is to make our home fit our needs and be a comfy place where everyone feels at home.

So, do you have any goals for 2012 as far as your home is concerned? I'd love to hear what you think!

Until next time. . .


  1. A great, inspiring post, Donna! You are echoing so many of my thoughts lately, it's amazing! I was writing on a forum that I was kind of "primmed out" and looking at some more color and brighter decorating. And organization!
    This time of year always inspires a fresh outlook on things and I'm happy to see a move towards a little more contemporary country look!
    Love your kitchen mini reno...looks pretty un-mini to me! lol Happy New Year!

  2. Donna, it sounds like you have some great plans this year. I truly wish we could down size to a smaller home. I actually would love a farmhouse style home with wide planked pine floors. That is what I really love, but we are not going anywhere as my husband says until they carry us off to the old folks home. With just the two of us now this house is too big, but is good when our son and grands come visit.

    Happy New Year

  3. We have projects for this year. Seems that last year was just unproductive. Hope that this one finds us a bit more inspired. We did get the outside painted and I am going to post pictures this week. Now for the inside. I try not to make any resolutions because I set myself up for failing..... so I will just accomplish what I can and enjoy the journey with no stress for the outcome. I love the things you have accomplished... I love the counter tops...... our kitchen is on our list ...
    Happy New Year .... may it be filled with Jesus............

  4. Sounds like fabulous goals to me. I have a really small house too, so making everything fit and reflect us and our lifestyle is always a challenge. I look forward to seeing your changes. Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  5. Well..We do plan on painting the T V room (already bought the paint) and the dining room drives me crazy..the last person that lived here has big sayings on the walls and although they might seem nice...they just are NOT will be painting over them. Not sure what else will get done but I have already started writing my book and will see how that goes. Als plan on doing a 2nd edition to the cook book my DD and I published in 1990. Thanks for sharing your ideas..It did make me put my thinking cap on..Happy New Year to you and your family

  6. Happy New Year Donna! I have absolutely NO agenda (wish I did though;)I miss working since having to quit my job due to my back, I might look for something part time but not sure yet what my body can handle:/ The kids will be leaving in the middle of the night for the airport, so sad to see them go!

  7. Umm! I actually think I know exactly where you are coming from with all the whole "working" issues! I am glad you to hear you have the time right now to focus on what you want to change in your surroundings. I think our surroundings really do have so much impact on how we feel everyday. I also get the liking the country look thing but not "ruffly" country. LOL! I look forward to seeing all of your changes this year and hope everything continues to go well for you and your family. Happy New Year!

  8. Donna, I'm popping over from Kim @ Savvy Southern Style. I know what you mean about getting organized and working on projects in a small house. Ours is small and older and the projects I want to do are ones that involve lots of and bathroom re-dos. However, I'm hoping to get my act together this year and start on the guest bath. Hope you have a great New Year.. oh, and I'm a new follower.