Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Backkkkk!!!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for such a long absence. Life has kicked my butt these past couple of months with many different changes going on and almost no creativity which means nothing much to blog about. I have been around lurking, however, and still gleaning much inspiration from all of you.

Here's a tiny recap of what's been happening in my life since January:

I got a job! Yep, I'm back among the working. This time I'm in a doctor's office in my hometown. I really like it. It's a small practice and my experience and background in the medical field suits this job to a T. It feels really good to be working again. I was getting bored and depressed sitting around the house all day. And having the extra money is great too!

My baby boy now officially belongs to Uncle Sam. *sigh* He left for Air Force Basic Training last week in San Antonio, Texas. I worry myself silly about him, but am so proud of his decision to join the military. It's not something I would have ever thought he would do, but he was really excited about it, so I hope it works out well for him. I am already planning my trip to San Antonio in May to see his graduation. I cannot wait!!

Meet the newest member of our family - Mia! She is a 9 week old Yorkie and boy, is she a handful! So full of puppy energy! Our other Yorkie, Sophie, is not very fond of her new sister, but I'm hoping over time, that will change. I forgot how hard it is to potty train a new puppy! Shew, I am about worn out with her!! But we love her already and she makes us laugh with her funny little puppy antics every day.

I made an awesomely cute wreath for Valentine's Day, but I haven't downloaded any pics of it yet so I will share it with you in a future post. Other than that, I haven't had the time or energy to create much else these past few months.

It feels good to be back in blogland!!!

Until next time. . .


  1. Glad to hear you are back to blogging and congrats on the new job.
    Mia is adorable and yes I bet she is alot of work but so much fun to play with.

  2. Welcome Back...Awesome that you found the perfect job but awww the job does use up the blog time you had sitting around the house...Now you will have lots to share even if it isn't Crafty.
    Congrats to your son for his choice to join the Air force. It know its hard as a mom to know your son might have to one day go off to fight for his country. But then a mom can stand proud having a son willing to protect his counrty and his family.
    I love your new baby.. I had a Yorkie and they are full of energy especially as puppy's. they let you know right up front that they have full intentions of running you in circles playing and getting in trouble. Good luck with the potty training in the mean time just have fun playing with her...Hopefully big sister can help with the potty training and they soon become fast friends.