Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinned It, Made It Monday

Hello all! Yes, I've been away for quite some time. Let's just say it was time for a much needed bloggy break for me. I will explain more in a later post.
Tammy over at Country Girl at Home, hosts a Pinned It, Made It party every Monday and since I get so much inspiration from Pinterest (don't we all!), I thought it'd be fun to join this week.
As most of you who read my blog probably know, the hubby and I did a makeover on our laundry room a while back. Well, of course, I've been doing some tweaking to it since then, which I will share in more detail in a future post, but this little project is one thing that I have wanted to do since I saw it over on Pinterest a long time ago.
I don't know about y'all, but it seems like my dryer eats socks! And I always seem to have a pile of unmatched, lonely, sole mateless socks after every load. So I pinned this picture as my inspiration and I got to work:
I just loved the play on words on this little sign. I have decided to try the "use what I already have on hand" approach for a while as far as my craft projects go, so I shopped the house and came across a piece of wood that I had put back for making a sign "someday". I painted it a creamy color (again, using craft paint from my stash)and had hubby attached a length of black chain that we had laying around from a previous project. I then painted some ordinary clothes pins black and glued some scrapbook paper to the fronts of them. Then I attached them randomly across the bottom of my board with some hot glue. Then I just took a Sharpie marker and free handed the words "Sole Mates Wanted!" across the top of my sign. Now, it is definitely not perfect, but I don't mind because none of us are perfect and when we are searching for our "sole mate" in life, they have to understand that! :) I am pleased with how this turned out:
Sorry I couldn't get a better picture for you. My laundry room is tiny and I wanted to take the picture with it hanging up so you could tell how it is supposed to look. I may do another one in the future using some stencils, but for now, this will suffice just fine. And it's a lot easier to match these socks up with their true "sole mates" this way than it is to go through a pile of mismatched socks on top of the dryer.
Please click on the button below to hop over to Tammy's party and check out all the other Pinterest inspirations.
As always, thank you for visiting me and until next time. . .


  1. Donna,

    That is adorable! Your sign turned out great! And what a clever idea! I wish someone could solve the mystery of the missing socks, don't you? Thank you joining me this week! I'm so glad you did! I think I'll have to add something like that to our laundry room (or closet I should say). :)

    Have a great week!

  2. That is so cute! I just love Pinterest for all the great ideas & recipes!

  3. What a great idea--I love it! I think I should probably make one of those, too. We always have stray socks hanging around, looking for their mates :)

  4. New follower here. This turned out just adorable. I think I'll add this to my to-do list. I'm going to follow you on pinterest too.

  5. So cute!!! I wonder where all the sox go to...

    I will be visiting your blog again :-)

  6. Hi! I'm Jen from de Jong Dream House. I made your inspiration sock holder and just popped over to say how nice yours turned out. I'm sure you are putting it to good use!