Monday, July 12, 2010

Made for Monday

Seems like forever since I last posted! My only excuse is that I have been experiencing life and it has been kicking my butt!! I have had a rough couple of weeks at work and some issues in my personal life have thrown me a bit off balance, but things are looking up and I am feeling good. I am the type of person who wears my feelings on my sleeve (my hubby's words!) and when they are just sitting there, they are very prone to getting knocked off quite easily! I have been letting some co-workers actions get to me these past few weeks, and I have also let some family member's comments and actions bring me down as well. These are areas that I really need to work on. I have missed blogging and even though I've been faithfully reading up on all my blogging friends, I haven't taken the time to post anything. Hopefully I am back on track now!

Now, for today's Made for Monday, I am sharing my latest passion with you. I have discovered rag garlands, and let me just tell ya, I am in love!!! These are so easy to throw together, although they can be time consuming to make. I have made one for a Christmas in July swap and I have made one for fall. I plan on making a couple of Halloween themed ones and a Christmas one for me to use to garnish my fireplace. Here's the fabrics I've chosen for the ones I plan on making:

And here's a pic of one I just completed for fall:

All I do to make one of these is to take a yard each of two coordinating fabrics and just tear them into strips. Then I cut the strips down to about six inch lengths. Then I cut a piece of twine about five feet long and tie a loop on each end. Then I take one six inch length of each color of fabric and tie it onto the twine. Do this until you fill up the twine, pushing each knotted piece together. Easy peasy!

Hubby and I went to Gatlinburg, TN a couple of weeks ago for a weekend getaway. We had a lot of fun even though both of us had a touch of a stomach bug. I saw one of these rag garlands at one of the craft shops down there and they were asking $45 for it! I know I could do it for a lot less money! So when we got home, I went to the fabric store and for about $5 worth of fabric and some twine I already had, I did just that!

We visited the Titanic museum while we were down there and it was awesome! Here's a pic of hubby and I standing in front of the "grand staircase":

Well, that's all I've got for now. I was the lucky winner of Karen's giveaway over at The Barely There Primitive Bear" and let me just tell ya, it was an awesome giveaway! I will post pics of that later this week.

Until next time. . .



  1. Donna,
    I make them using a string of 50 count white lights instead of the twine. They are awesome!

  2. I've seen these garlands before and they ARE very pricey. I have always wanted to make one but just never got around to it. Great idea to start on them now for the fall and Christmas holidays.

  3. I LOVE LOVE that garland..I have a huge 3 ring binder that has ideas in it and the garland is in it..I totally forgot about it and wanted to make things for fall and christmas and you reminded me of it..I thank you for it..

    I think alot of people wear their emotions on their sleeves..I tell my hubby it is because it is close by to protect me. I am glad things are better for you..

    Once again thank you for reminding me of such a simple fun beautiful thing to make...Lisa

  4. love that is magnificent..I am glad to see you are is hard sometimes to deal with those kinds of issues..and I think we women can be like you mentioned...I love the garland..and yeah there is no way I would pay $45.00 for it..I love yours..;)

  5. Donna I am so sorry to hear you have been feeling so down. People can be so cruel sometimes. Especially family! I'm glad you are starting to feel better about things.
    Thanks so much for the instructions for your rag garland. This is definitely one craft I think I can create. I love the material you chose for yours.
    Hope your week continues to improve.

  6. Keep your chin up! I've been Momma counseling the fledgeling Daughter over the very same thing lately...Life is to short for anything but Happy! Hang on to it and don't let anyone take from you. Others only say negitive things to make themselves feel better.
    Love the Garland! Great color choice... and I'm really glad to see your back!

  7. Sorry you've been down! Don't let those people have control over you!! Stand tall and proud and let those comments just roll down your back, right off your back side and right back at em! =]

    I've seen those garlands before and even printed off a tut to make some. But that's as far as I've gotten. Haha! I love the fabric choices you picked out. What a neat idea to make some to change out with the seasons.

    That's a great picture of you and your man. Glad you guys had a good time despite the sickness. I saw where you won Karen's giveaway. Lucky girl! I just love those stacking boxes!

    Wishing you a great week girl!

  8. I'm going to try this. I can't wait. I think my girls will enjoy making a garland too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey Donna,

    Now that rag garland is a great idea to start on now for Christmas! I think I might could make that one! $5 vs $45....what a deal and so much more pride in making it yourself!

    Sorry about feeling a little down....those things happen and it's a shame, but don't let it get you down! Hang in there!

    Hope you have a great week! :)

  10. Hi Donna,
    I love your rag garland, that is just AWESOME!!!
    Cute pic of you and the hubs too! Hang in there girlfriend, wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a bad thing it just makes us more vulnerable.