Monday, May 24, 2010

I Made it Monday!!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Monday. Mine was good. I thought I'd share a couple of things I've made over the past week or so with you. They aren't makeovers like I usually share on Mondays, just some little projects I whipped up. I found these cute little house shaped frames at the Dollar Tree a while back and at the time, I didn't have a clue what I was gonna do with them. They were already painted the colors you see in the photo so I didn't have to do anything special to them to get them to look prim and country. I decided a couple of "house" themed stitcheries would look cute in them so that's what I did! It's hard to tell in the red one, but I stitched two yellow stars ~ one in the top right hand corner and the other in the bottom left hand corner.

I am pleased with how they turned out!

I've been seeing a lot of prim sunflowers out there in blogland so I decided to give them a try. I ended up making two different sizes and used different fabrics for the petals. I experimented with staining them with a coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla mixture. I also varied the middle of the flowers ~ I painted them all black with craft paint and then on one or two of them I dabbed a bit of yellow paint on top of the black. Not really sure which way I like them better. I'm leaning towards just black. I decided to use one as a make do in a wooden candlestick that I bought a while back at the flea market. I got two of them for a dollar, I believe it was, and I decided to paint one of them black. Then I bought a dowel rod at Wal Mart and had hubby cut it down to size for me. I glued it into the candlestick and added some moss to fill it out a bit. Then I attached my flower to the dowel rod and added a homespun bow in green as it's leaves. I like the way this turned out. The others I haven't done anything to yet. I may leave them as bowl fillers or if I can talk hubby into building me a small crate like box, I may end up doing some kind of an arrangement in it with them.

Here's a pic of the sunflower make do:

And here's pic of all the ones I've made so far:

Well, that's about it for me today. I'm tired and ready to get into my jammies and watch some mindless t.v. before bedtime. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

Until next time. . .



  1. I love those sunflowers!!! What a cool idea and fabulous job Donna. I hope this week is better for you. We're 94 today, 2 weeks ago we had snow showers!!
    Crazy weather!

  2. They are too cute! Love the sunflower too..

  3. great job donna,there so cute!have a great week.blessings michelle

  4. love your did an awesome job..I am with you on the jammies part and watching tv..gotta finish up the season of lost..haven't finished it yet and can't wait..:)have an awesome tuesday.:>)

  5. I love that sunflower make do!
    I too am in my jammies and ready for bed but thought I'd catch up with all of you first.

  6. Those stitcheries turned out so cute. You did a really good job on them. Love the sunflowers. They are just so prim perfect. I really like the one in the candleholder.
    Enjoy your week Donna.

  7. I got a bunch of those frames too! When I bought them I was thinking birdhouses, but then I realized they could just be houses. I did a stitcheries in mine also. I think I bought 10 of them. Now I wish I had gotten more cause they don't have anymore.

    Like the sunflowers!


  8. Donna,

    Your house frames are adorable I need to go to the $$$ Tree more often! LOL

    Those sunflowers turned out great! Yours are some of the cutest I've seen.

    Come on over for my very first Americana Give~Away when you get a chance.

  9. Sunflowers are my favorite flower. Yours are just prim perfect!

  10. I love your sunflowers! I think its always neat to see a group of us do a pattern just to see our own little spin on it. Sunflowers are my favorite!

    I love the Dollar Tree. I always find something there but I must of missed the frames. :(