Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blah. . .

Well, here I am again ~ a huge slacker in posting. What seems to be the problem, you ask? I am just blah. That's it. No excuses, no blaming, no nothing. Just blah.

I haven't done any crafting, no creating, no painting, no junk hunting, nothing as of late. I don't know what is the matter with me. I'm just tired all the time. I have lots of ideas and thoughts running thru my pea sized brain of things I'd like to accomplish. I am wanting to start redoing my kitchen. I go to the store and stand and stare at the paint chips for hours, but just can't seem to decide on a color. I am into roosters right now and go to the craft stores and home decor stores with the intent of finding some rooster stuff to inspire me, but nothing happens. I am on a tight budget and have a wonderful idea of a remake for my hand me down kitchen table and chairs, but so far, haven't had the gumption to start on it. Does this ever happen to anyone else??

I have signed up for the Autumn Swap over on Prim Pals Forum and I am thrilled with the person whom I was partnered with. I have loads of ideas of wonderful things to make for her, but then I just can't seem to get motivated to get anything done. I have bought a few things and I've even started on a few projects for her, but can't seem to finish anything. Ugh!! I hate this feeling!

So, friends, this is why I haven't been blogging. I have nothing to show y'all and nothing worthwhile to share. I hope I can get the old creativity juice flowing again soon.

Until next time. . .



  1. we all go through what you are going will pass..I signed up for that swap too..;) gotta get it done..;) have my ideas written down..have a good one.;) and I hope your mojo comes back some blog surfing or internet usually helps get me motivated.:)

  2. Boy, I am glad that someone else is having the same problem. I have been feeling exactly the same the last couple of months. I have lots to do, but just keep looking at it and thinking about it. Lots of ideas, but no ambition. I keep telling myself it is the hot weather???
    So don't worry, you are not alone.

  3. HI Donna,
    Hang in there friend, this happens to all of us.
    Soon it will pass and you will be back to your old creative self.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hi Donna! We all get the BLAHS sometimes, I remember a time I almost gave up blogging all together because I just had nothing to share! It will pass and you will be chomping at the bit to get your posts out, LOL!!!

  5. Hi Donna, I live close to Winchester, Va. and just read your blog. I have been working on things here and there but I think this hot weather has a lot to do with our creativity, so maybe that's contributing to your problem. Only a few more weeks of this and it will be fall. Yeah!!!!!!!! Phyllis

  6. Hi Donna...

    I too will confess... My name is Debbie and I have been a total slacker the past few months too! Lots of ideas but no motivation to get anything done. I hated that I missed out on the Harvest Swap at Prim Pals but hope to do the next one for sure! (btw... I know who your partner is and I am sure she will do you proud!) I need to get focused and into a routine especially now that I start the new job this week and Wendell is going back to school.

    Maybe we can help inspire each other!


  7. Donna,

    Maybe Fall will lift your spirits! I'm into roosters too after my vacation where I got to gather eggs! You'll come up with something soon.

  8. Hi Donna,
    I can completely relate.
    I have had the blah's for quite awhile now.
    I keep TRYING to pull myself out of it.
    Forcing myself to do one thing or another.
    But it isnt fun right now, infact it feels like torture!! :)
    Im not sure WHY I feel this way. What brought it on? I have no idea. Hubby says it is because of my B-Day. Hummm... Maybe?? But I dont feel like that is it.
    I just feel like I need some change. I get up everyday and it is the same thing over and over.
    Dont get me wrong, I love my life, my home my family.
    BUT.... I need some fun and excitement!!
    And yet if there was any to be had I would be too tired to do it!! :)
    Sorry, to babble on.
    Just know you are not alone GF!!
    I completely understand.

    Take Care,

  9. Hi Donna, I was going to e-mail you to see where you were, but thought, you really don't know me, as I never left a comment before. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and love it. I don't have a blog yet. I feel I don't have anything to say!!!!! So, glad your feeling better. I love peaches too. I may have to try your dessert!!!! Like I need extra calories!!! lol I've had days like that too, not wanting to craft. And, I've felt like Tammy, we're doing the same things week after week (household stuff). I want to do fun stuff. Again, "your not alone" in these feelings.
    Lois Ling