Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Birthday Present!

Here's what my sweet hubby made me for my birthday:

Isn't it awesome??!! We were "window shopping" in a local primitive shop a while back and saw a piece that looked really similar. I commented on how much I liked it but they were asking $60 for it and I remember telling hubby that I bet he could make one that looked even better than that one did and for a whole lot less dollars too! He said something to the effect that he might could make it but he doubted it. I didn't think anything more about it. But obviously, he did and this sweet man surprised me with it this morning! He left it up to me to do the writing on the sign because he said he didn't know what I would want to put on it and his writing skills are worse than mine! He is too funny! I love it and I made him sign and date it on the bottom. I will treasure it always!

I had a really nice birthday. I made a pot of cheesy baked potato soup, some yeast rolls and a chocolate mayonnaise cake yesterday with a powdered sugar glaze that we all enjoyed today. We just spent the day here at the house chilling out. Hubby's Dad was readmitted to the hospital yesterday so if y'all would keep him in your prayers, we would really appreciate it. He has fluid built up on his lungs and his breathing has been labored. Hubby offered to take me to dinner but I knew that he was really worried about his Dad so I didn't want to go anywhere in case we needed to get to the hospital quickly.

I am working on my giveaway and hope to have it ready to show you this week. I also have another Dollar Tree makeover that I will share with y'all tomorrow as well as a simple but yummy cookie recipe to share this week. I sound like a t.v. show: "All this and much more, so please stay tuned!" LOL!

Until next time. . .



  1. Can't wait to see what you did with the $ store find..That is one of my favorite stores.
    Your Husband is a real sweetie to make something that he knew you really wanted..You will treasure that for many years to come I'm sure...I will be back tomorrow to read much more and can't wait to see what you will have in your give away :)

  2. your hubby spoiled you and you spoiled him with yummy food..Have a wonderful week ahead..;)

  3. What a sweetie, something made with love always means so much more. It looks awesome!
    Kimberly: )

  4. A little late...but sure hope you had a great birthday!

  5. What a talented hubby to make you such a wonderful present. I wish mine would think about doing stuff like that for me. :)

    Your FIL is in my prayers...


  6. How sweet of him to made what you wanted...that is what good hubby do they spoil you.I would love to have your cheesy baked potato soup recipe it sounds good.Trish

  7. What a neat surprise! That's so cute that he blew it off... I'm sure the wheels were turning the whole time. He really is a sweetie, isn't he?