Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Wild Week!!

Hi all! Sorry I've not blogged in over a week. It's been a wild one. Last weekend was spent with my brothers who were in visiting from Oklahoma. We had a great time at our birthday cookout on Saturday. I didn't get any pictures because the battery died in my camera. I was so mad!! Next time, I'll know to double check, huh?

I took my son to yet another doctor due to his spells. He is back to having them just about every day. I convinced them to put him on a low dose anxiety medication to see if that will help. I'm at my wits end here. Y'all keep us in your prayers please! We celebrated his 17th birthday this past Tuesday. It doesn't seem possible that my baby is almost grown up! Time really does fly by.

I want to share a couple of pictures of some things that hubby has been making me. If you remember, a while back I shared our bathroom makeover that we did. We made it primitive style and with that in mind, hubby decided we needed a new toilet paper holder to go with our primitive theme. So he made me this awesome outhouse toilet paper holder:

I just love it! And the best part is, I can store up to four rolls of toilet paper behind the half moon door:

He got the idea from a picture of something similar he saw in a magazine. I think he did a fanstatic job on it and he has orders for two more! He says maybe this should be our retirement plan ~ make and sell crafts! He's so cute!

He is really into making ladders right now, too, and he made me this little one that I adorned with some twinkle lights and a pip berry garland with little metal stars:

He does such a great job on his wood working and I am so proud of him! This man can make anything!

Work is going o.k., I guess. I am still employed for which I am very thankful! They have me learning some new things so it's been kind of stressful but I am hanging in there!

Well, gotta run for now. Hubby and I are off for our weekly Sunday drive (gosh, we are so old!!) and I think we are going to visit a couple of flea markets as well. I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I promise not to be such a blogging slacker this week. I've got a cute dollar store makeover to share with you all as well as an awesome baked bean recipe that I made for last week's cookout. And I'm working on some new crochet items that I'm gonna share with y'all as well. So be sure to check back in this week and I'll try not to bore you too bad!

Until next time. . .



  1. Missed ya girl! Praying for your son for some answers SOON, what a tough age to be dealing with that and happy belated birthday to him! I am LOVING that toilet paper outhouse, what a great design and GREAT idea!!!! Enjoy the sunday drive:)

  2. I love the toilet paper holder!! Very good job your hubby did!

  3. Your husband does great with the woodworking. Both look fabulous.
    Sure hope you can find an answer to your son's problem soon.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Sounds like you've been busy! I hope your son is ok, I know how us Mother's worry. Have a good week and don't overdue!

  5. The outhouse TP holder is wonderful! Love the black paint. I am sorry to hear about your son and hope he is back to normal soon.

  6. Hi Donna...I pray you get good results soon about your son. Not only is it frustrating, it's scary...hang in there.

    Glad your work is going 'okay' - but like you said at least you are still working.
    Love the new hubby creations. Ya gotta love a guy that works all day and still has time to create for us gals. Sweet aren't they?

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday drive - Karen

  7. love the little items your hubby made..I say if your stuff is selling you might want to do it as a side job and see how it goes...have a great week ahead.:)

  8. Sure missed you. I was beginning to get worried
    about you and sent you a email to check on you. Hope your son gets to feeling better. Kay

  9. Praying they find the problem with your son..That is to young to have medical problems..You are in our prayers.
    We also went for a Sunday ride today and took all 4 dogs...They did seem as though they liked it (especially Maggie) I did post about it in my blog tonight :)

  10. That's so sweet that your hubby says maybe you can retire making crafts. That just makes me smile!

    The outhouse toilet paper holder is so cute! He did a great job. I love the ladder too! I think it's great that he's getting into crafting and primitives with you!