Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday makeovers & I won another giveaway!

Hi everyone. It has been one heck of a Monday and I am glad it's almost over! The weekend flew by, as usual, but I was able to get a couple of small projects done. Jenn over at LarsenLoves posted a few days ago about her laundry room redo and I got a lot of good inspiration from her. I went to Wal Mart and puchased a plain gallon glass jar to put my washing powders in. I tied a piece of homespun around it. Here's what it looks like:

It looked o.k. but I thought it needed a little something else. So I pulled out my favorite wall paper border, cut out a star and Mod Podged it on. I like this so much better now:

I purchased several of these plain little picture frames from the Dollar Tree before Christmas:

I decided to prim them up a little bit and put this pic of hubby's Dad with all his children in them and gave them to hubby's brothers and sisters as gifts:

They were a big hit and hubby has been after me ever since to make him one too. I finally got it done. My brothers and sisters-in-law all loved them! Funny how something so simple can sometimes be the best gift you can give.

I was the lucky winner of Tammy ~ A Primitive Place's giveaway! I received my wonderful goodies on Friday but didn't have a spare minute this weekend to post about them and show them off. I received a beautiful cat hooked rug in a frame to hang, a wooden bowl with rag balls, and a cute sconce with a salt box house painted on it along with a nubby candle. Thank you so much Tammy ~ I love everything! I have already marked a spot on one of my living room walls to place everything. Now I just have to find a minute to get it done!

On a final note, please keep my father-in-law in your prayers. He had to be taken to the hospital yesterday because he was short of breath, talking jibberish, and just not acting like his normal self. Once there, they admitted him and they believe he may have pneumonia and has probably suffered a slight stroke, although at last check, all the test results weren't back so not sure really what is going on. The hospital he is in is about a two hour drive away from us and hubby is really concerned since we are expecting more bad weather. He is worried that we won't be able to get to him if we need to. His Dad has not been in the best health this past year and has been in and out of the hospital a lot during this time. So all prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Well, I am exhausted, mentally and physcially today, so I am going to sign off for now. Thank goodness this Monday is over!!

Until next time. . .



  1. Hi Donna, Love your jar!
    It looks great.
    Im so glad your goodies arrived safe and sound.
    I would love to see what you do with them.
    Of course, sweetie, I will remember your Father In Law in my prayers. And I will send my possitive thoughts out to him.
    Take Care,

    Your projects turned out so cute too! Hoping the best for your FIL. Hugs, Cindy

  3. Donna~ Your projects turned out great! I have a jar similar to that in my bathroom with bars of soap in it. I never thought about putting wallpaper on it. I think I will have to try that. Your picture frames look great too! You are so talented. I will be praying for your father-in-law. I hope he gets better really soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the nice comments you leave! ~Dan~

  4. My thoughts & prayers are with your family! I hope your FIL gets better soon!
    I love your jar makeover & the star added just the right touch! You got some very nice prim goodies from Tammy's giveaway...I can't wait to see them once you get them put in their new home! Take care!

  5. Your FIL is in our Prayers and just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed seeing some of the things you did for your Laundry room...maybe I can get some ideas from it for my Pioneer room.
    Take care...only 4 more days until the week end :)

  6. Love the jar for the laundry room-great idea!
    Those frames are great too:)Doesn't it make you feel so good when the recipient is pleased?
    Hope all goes well with your FIL,
    Thanks also fot the lovely comments,
    Hugs, Shazy x

  7. That looks great!! Congratulations on the win too :)
    It's so much fun entering give aways and even better if you can win a few.

  8. Very Cute jar and Frame.. I may have to try the frame thing as the inlaws dont need more junk and I have the girls pics to put up as well... hmmm now Im thinking. Is it just black paint that you sanded off? Im all thumbs over here.
    The give away is adorable!!
    Hope your FIL is doing better. Maybe his jibberish was just a result of low oxygen levels? Crossing fingers.
    Take care

  9. How cute that jar is, I love that! I'm gonna be making up some homemade detergent one of these days and putting it in a similar jar with one of my labels. I love the picture frame too! Enjoy your day sweetie and stay warm:)

  10. lOVE WHAT you did to the jars, they are adorable. The re-vamped frame looks great too. Thanks for being a dear and following my new blog as well as Larsenloves. I am going to follow you too. Have a great day! JGG

  11. Good snowy morning Donna....I hope you aren't getting anymore...WE ARE RIGHT NOW...really coming down good.

    I pray for your FIL...hope he will be better real soon.

    Great gifts you won over at Tammy's APP Blog!

    And the picture doesn't even look like the same one after you re-did it and I'd be happy to get something like that too!
    I've been wondering about the frames from there. I thought they might be all plastic but if they are wood then I'm going to have to check them out...I ran out of frames that I always purchased from JoAnns - they quit carrying them too! So now I'm searching. Thanks for the tip.


  12. Love your laundry jar redo Donna!! I'll have to give that a try myself!

    Congratulations on winning Tammy's giveaway! You won alot of neat looking pretties!!

    I will have your father in law in my prayers, and his family too..


  13. Congratulations on your win..aren't giveaways fun? I like what you did with the gallon me inspiration...I am giving away a $50.00 grocery gift card so hope you all sign up!

  14. Congrats on your win Donna. Love the jar. The star added the perfect touch. Will keep your FIL and your family in my prayers.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  15. Congratulations on your win. Great looking country jar. And hope your FIL is doing better.

  16. I love your jar and frame! Very neat idea on the jar. I love old jars, new jars, all jars and I especially love homespun!!

    Congrats on your win! Looks like you won some delightful goodies!

    I will be praying for your father-in-law for healing and for your husband for peace of mind. I know that must be really hard for him to not be very close to him.