Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's the middle of the week already! This one is really flying by. Well, we are supposed to get more bad weather on Friday. This one may be a real doozy as I've heard snowfall predictions that range from 8 inches all the way up to 36 inches!!! Can you believe that??? I'm praying hard for the 8 inches ~ Lord knows I'll really be insane if we get snowed under with 36 inches of the yucky white stuff!! I'm tellin' ya, if summer ever decides to come around these parts again, I ain't never gonna complain about it being too hot ever again!! LOL!

Yesterday was a bad day for us which is why I didn't post anything. It actually started late Monday night with Sophie. She was whining a lot and her little right eye was swollen. By the time we went to bed, she couldn't even hardly open it at all. She did o.k. thru the night but when we got up yesterday morning, it was the same so hubby took her to the vet. Turns out she has somehow scratched it really bad! So some pain meds, some antibiotics, one shot, and $52 later, she is almost as good as new and back to her wild little self. Then, when I got the kid up to go to school, he claimed his stomach was hurting and he felt kind of weak and dizzy. So I told him I would take him to his Grandma's for the day and he was o.k. with that. Luckily, they ended up cancelling school for the day since we had some ice and very cold temps overnight Monday night. So that worked out good for his attendance record. Then yesterday evening, hubby went to put gas in his truck, slipped on a patch of ice at the gas station, and down onto his knee he went! He's sporting a lovely bruise today along with a small cut but thankfully, he's o.k. Whew, my family is trying to drive me all the way into insanity, I believe!! I was worn out by yesterday evening, so we all just sat around relaxing and watching some mindless t.v.!! Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, right??!!

Now, finally, I'll get to what I'm working on this Wednesday. We've been working on our bathroom makeover and are almost finished! Yay!! Just need the finishing touches now. Here's a few before and after pics:

Sorry about the quality of these pics. It's a tiny little bathroom and very hard to photograph, but you get the general idea! We put up a new shower curtain:

And added a matching border:

Then I added a few odds and ends:

Now I just need to add a couple of things to the walls and I'll be finished! I am pleased with how it is turning out so far.

Another thing I worked on this week is:

Yep, the dreaded taxes!! The good news is we are getting back a small refund this year and I'm pretty excited about that!

Well, that's about all I have for today. I'd like to thank Leslie at My Country Home for hosting the Whatcha Working on Wednesday party. Click here to check out all the talented ladies who post on this.

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  1. Hi Donna,
    Oh, I have those kind of days. Sometimes you just need to zone out in front of the tv. Your bathroom is coming along nicely, it looks so cute and I love the shelf. Thank-you for the nice card, it made my day! Your a sweetheart! I am glad it's you getting the snow, we've had our share. I hope it's only 8 or maybe less. My brother in Flagstaff got 6 ft. a week ago. Can you believe it? It was their 2nd highest total ever! Hugs, Cindy

  2. I looooooove your bathroom!!! That shower curtain is awesome & I love the matching border! Great job with the bathroom makeover! Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday...I hope the rest of the week goes good for you & you don't get all that snow!

  3. Love your bathroom and how you added the prims to it. Hope both your son and DH are feeling alot better todaY!


  4. Donna, I sure hope we don't get all that snow that all the weathermen are predicting for us! Our bad weather is to start coming this evening! I am so not ready for any more rain, snow, nor ice!!

    Boy, I can understand why you mention that yesterday wasn't a good day for your son, Sophie and your hubby..and you! How are your husband and son doing this evening? I sure hope good. I hope Sophie is too! Dan is doing some better today. It's going on two weeks now since he's been able to work.

    I love your bathroom!! Your shower curtain is really alot like mine! How bout that!! I also like your border!! Looks really great!! The way you have your accessories and decorating done in your bathroom looks soo very pretty Donna! You've done a beautiful job!

    Dan worked a little bit on our taxes this evening.. I'll be so glad when they are all done!

    Take care.. and lets pray for warmer weather to get here real soon!!


  5. Donna~ Oh my gosh! You had a bad day alright. I am glad that everything turned out okay. I know how helpless you feel when those you love are not feeling well. 36 inches of snow!!!! I hope you do not get that. Your bathroom looks wonderful! You are doing a really good job on it. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Take care and stay warm! ~Dan~

  6. Be still my heart! Country ... I love everything about your redo. I am sorry to hear about all your mishaps. Hope your week gets better, Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  7. Really love your makeover on your bathroom-the border and shower curtain are amazing!!
    Hope today is a better day for all your family:)
    Blessings, Shazy x

  8. Wow I hope you got all the bad stuff over in one day and nothing else is going to happen! Love the shower curtain....bathroom is looking great.

  9. Love your bathroom, how did I miss the decorating gene? You got it, Mary got it... geez... no fair.
    Hope all are feeling better. I fight every day to get miss riley up.... ahhh welll in 5 yrs it wont matter!!
    Have a great day


  10. Your bathroom looks so cozy! Love the shower curtain and that's such a pretty color you painted the walls.


  11. Donna, Glad lil Miss Sophie is back to herself now! Sounds like a rough time for you all. I think you definitely picked a good way to unwind!

    Loving that bathroom makeover! I love the matching curtain and border! And I love how your sheep matches the one in the border perfectly! That's a neat design!

  12. This is really funny. A couple of weeks ago I ordered your shower curtain, borders, tooth brush holder and shower hooks. I spent a whole day trying to figure out what color to paint my bathroom. I have white fixtures, beige tile floors, and the walls are a deep taupe. I HAD DECIDED TO GIVE ALL THE STUFF AWAY BECAUSE I COULD NOT FIND A PAINT COLOR. The curtain has a yellowy background color. I was so discouraged, until I saw your bathroom. PLEASE help me. What color did you use.

  13. Anonymous (it would be nice to know your name!),
    I don't know what color we used because we bought the paint at Lowe's in their "oops" bin! LOL! It didn't have a name on it, just a bit of the paint on top of the can so you could see the color. We liked it and it was cheap (like $6 for the gallon!) so we bought it! It looks like a caramel color, if that helps you any. Good luck with your bathroom decorating! ~ Donna