Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's Tip of the Day!

Good Thursday morning everyone! Well, we are snowed under (AGAIN!) here in Virginia. I tell ya, this is getting very old and I am fighting hard to not let the winter blues get to me! I keep telling myself we only have about a month of bad weather left and then it will be all over, but I'm beginning to wonder if I am going to be able to maintain what little sanity I have left before spring gets here! Anybody else feeling this way or is it just me??

I didn't post on Whatcha' Working on Wednesday yesterday because what I am working on right now is a surprise for my faithful followers! I am now at 150 followers and in honor and celebration of that, I will be doing a small giveaway for Saint Patrick's Day. Now, I know a lot of you don't decorate for St. Patty's Day but just humor me here, o.k.? LOL!! I will be posting more details about this giveaway in the next week or two, so be sure to be watching! Also, be sure to pop over and visit Leslie at My Country Home to see what wonderful things everybody else is working on.

Now, on to Thursday's Tip of the Day! I'm sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee flavored with yummy vanilla latte creamer and thought about the humble coffee filter. Such a simple invention that doesn't often get the credit it deserves! I have seen a lot of crafters use these paper filters to create some awesome crafts, but did you know that they are also great for warming individual cookies, doughnuts, and rolls in the microwave? Eat right out of the filter ~ no dishes to wash! Now that's right up my alley as I don't have a dishwasher (yet!) besides my two hands and I hate to wash dishes!! I guess that stems from the fact that since I was big enough to stand on a kitchen chair to reach the sink, washing dishes was one of my daily chores as a child. I hated it then and I hate it now!

Here's another great use for these wonderful filters: when you repot a house plant, place a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot. This keeps the soil from falling thru the drainage holes! Clever, huh?

Well, that's all I have for today. I will probably not be venturing out of the house today due to all the snow and I'm off work tomorrow (yay!) so I see lots of crafting in my immediate future! I hope everyone has a great Thursday! Stay safe and warm!

Until next time. . .



  1. Great tips with the coffee filters. I hear you can clean mirrors and glass with them too! Love your blog and will be back for more, you are now at 151! I live in southeast Alabama and we are forecast for snow tomorrow...crazy huh?
    Hurry spring...hurry!
    Blessings to you...

  2. Thanks for the tips on the coffee filters, I didn't know you could use them with the plants...I'll have to try that!


  3. Great tips! Oh and I am one of those that decorate for St. Patrick's Day! Down to dressing my Muffy Vanderbear in her cute shamrock dress :)
    I wish we could take some of that snow..we have not seen here in Northern California what we usually get. Stay Warm

  4. Donna, Thank you for the great tips! I'll be using mine for a whole bunch of different things now!!

    We're getting light snow here too! Hopefully, spring isn't too far away!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Love having you visit!

    Have a great day!


  5. Looks like we are both sharing tips on
    Thursdays! I don't drink coffee, so I
    don't have any filters around, but these are
    good ideas! It is snowing here, today the
    first for here, all the snow and ice OK
    has been getting, has all gone around us,
    until now. I like a little snow, once in
    awhile, being from MI, I miss it!
    Have a great day!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. I don't drink coffee either but I think I will buy some at Dollar tree just for the above ideas. Thanks!

  7. Hi there...thanks for taking time to'sit a spell' on my blog. Our new puppy is a Yorkipoo. He will be a bit larger b/c of his mama being a poodle. He is still very small; our last dog was a Golden! Our Golden thought she was tiny and our Yorkipoo thinks he's huge! I bet yours is big will she get?

    No snow in Florida! I moved here last Nov from MI, so I've seen enough snow to last a life time. ; ) Winter there gets VERY about your cabin fever and winter blues. So, I know what your talking about.

    Oh, your blog. I grew up in the country and hope to return there some day.

  8. My new coffee maker does not use filters so I have a ton left over from the old machine. Thanks for some ideas on how to use them!

  9. HiDonna,
    I am feeling just like you girl. We have mountains of snow here in Wisconsin and I am getting very sick of it. I have been stuck in the snow 4 times already this year and half the time I can't get up our big hill and have to go around. I have bad feelings towards the snowplow guy who never seems to get enough sand on that big hill of ours. I am so happy your doing so well with your blog. Your a very sweet girl and very talented too! Thanks for the tip too, hugs, Cindy

  10. I love the idea of using a coffee filter to warm muffins.. never thought about it. Thank you for sharing! Happy Valentines Day!

  11. We don't drink coffee, but I'm putting filters on my list! With 3 kids, we go through paper plates and paper towels like crazy just from them warming things up in the microwave. Thanks for the awesome tip!