Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Food Friday!

Hello everyone! It's finally Friday! Woohoo!! Sorry I'm a little late in posting today, I just couldn't get it together this morning before work and ran out of time!

For today's Fabulous Food Friday, I'm sharing a Chocolate Eclair dessert recipe that I have made for years. It is so simple and delicious! This is great for a family get together where you need something quick, simple and I can promise you there won't be any leftovers!

Chocolate Eclair

1 box graham crackers
1 large box instant vanilla pudding
1 tub Cool Whip
1 can ready to spread chocolate frosting

Prepare pudding according to directions. Let sit in fridge for 5 minutes. Then mix entire tub of Cool Whip into pudding. Place a layer of graham crackers into bottom of 9 X 13 glass baking dish. Spread a layer of pudding mixture over the crackers. Repeat this process, ending with a layer of graham crackers. I like a lot of layers in mine, so sometimes I end up using a box and a half or so of the graham crackers. This is optional and you can do it however you like. Remove lid and any metallic cover from the frosting. Microwave frosting for about 30-45 seconds, just enough so that you can stir it and it is pourable out of the container (but not runny!). Pour frosting over the top layer of crackers. Refrigerate several hours or overnight.

This is so rich and delicious! And the longer it sets in the refrigerator, the softer the crackers get and it almost melts in your mouth! Pure heaven! I swear it tastes just like a chocolate eclair! Give this one a try ~ I promise you won't be sorry!

Well, no one got laid off today at work! Thank goodness!! The new management company comes in on Monday, so we will see how that goes. We are joking that we all feel like we are on the Titanic ~ sinking quickly with no lifeboats around!! LOL!! The girls in the insurance department (which is the department that I work in) have decided we are the band that is just gonna keep on playing until the ship goes down. Only we've decided we are going to be a hill billy band with fiddles and banjos!! Ya just gotta laugh at life sometimes to make it thru it, ya know??!!

Not much on tap for the weekend. Just the regular household chores and my Mom called me and asked me to take her shopping tomorrow. I guess I'm obligated to do that since the kid wrecked her only car and she has no other way to get anywhere! Seriously though, I don't mind running her around. We usually have a great time when we go shopping together ~ especially if she's buying lunch! LOL!

Well, I'd better run for now. Dinner dishes are calling my name! I have received my winnings from some recent giveaways I won and I hope to be able to post some pics of all my goodies tomorrow or Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time. . .


  1. Lately and sadly it seems like the whole country is on the Titanic and all we can do is buckle down and hold on for dear life:( so sad what this once great country has turned into, but on a brighter note.....your dessert looks DEE-LICIOUS;) hope you enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I am sorry I didn't make it over yesterday. Thursday is long day for me. Your recipe looks quite fabulous! I will print it and give it a try! Is this a diet food? lol.
    Have a nice week-end, Cindy

  3. This one looks like a keeper! You are lucky to have your mother to go shopping with... I hope things go well at work. It is awful to be waiting for the axe to fall. Have a good weekend, Joan

  4. Yum yummy! I have had this before before have never made it! So good. Thanks for sharing your recipe!
    Have fun shopping with your mom...mine is unable to do those things with me any more...she just can't hold out any longer.
    Play loud and hard in your band and go down with a fight in your heart (if it comes to that) Good luck!

  5. I've copied down the dessert! That looks amazing!
    Have a great weekend - hope it's a sunny one :)

  6. That sounds too yummy, my jeans are to tight as they are now, thats gonna send me over the edge, I'll go down the Titanic with a bowl of it in my hand!Hope you have a great weekend, say Hi to your mom!!!!! love ya!