Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeover Monday!

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a great Monday. The best thing about mine is that it is finally over!!! Actually, it really wasn't that bad, just busy!

For today's makeover, hubby had made me a small wooden crate out of some scrap wood he had left over from some previous projects. Here's a pic of it:

Is this man talented or what???!!! He can take small scraps of wood and turn them into just about anything! I really liked this little crate, but thought it would look even more awesome primmed up a bit. So I got out my black paint, my favorite wall paper motif, and my sand paper and went to work. And this is what I ended up with:

I decided to cut out two different images of sheep from some of the wall paper border I had left over from our bathroom redo and I Mod Podged one on each end of the crate:

I bought some of those little plastic Easter eggs at the dollar store that you can fill with treats and decided to try my hand at covering some of them with fabric. They turned out great! Now, the pictures don't really do them justice. They look much better in person, but here they are:

I was so thrilled with the way these turned out, I then got the brilliant idea to tear up a brown paper bag and Mod Podge the heck out of the left over eggs, then cover them with the torn bits of paper:

Now hubby says these look more like little potatoes to him than eggs, but he has no imagination so what does he know, right??!! LOL!! They do kind of look like little potatoes, I guess, but if you look back at the first picture of my crate where I filled it with the eggs, I think they look great and not so much like potatoes.

Finally, here's one last pic for you of my favorite Easter treat ~ little Miss Sophie!! Her Daddy bought her a pink bandanna that says "Daddy's Girl" on it and she actually let me put a pink bow in her hair. Well, o.k., I tricked her by letting her chew on my fingers while I snuck in from behind her with my other hand and put the bow in her hair! I couldn't get her to sit still enough for me to get a good pic of the bandanna, but ain't she just the cutest thing ever??!!

I am busy, busy, busy trying to get some things finished up for my giveaway! I will be announcing the details at the end of this week, so be sure to stop back by. Trust me, you ain't gonna wanna miss this one!

Well, that's gonna do it for me for now. I am worn slap out and am about ready to hit the sack. I slept poorly last night and I'm really feeling the effects of that now! Hopefully, tonight will be a better night to catch up on some zzzzzzz's!! Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

Until next time. . .



  1. Hi Donna, hope you are finally relaxing tonight.
    I love the crate and's a darling Easter display and the eggs turned out great!

    Oh Sophie is adorable!


  2. Love the crate & & hubby both did a great job! You're little Sophie is just the cutest!

  3. Donna~ I love the crate and the eggs! You did a fantastic job on them. You are very talented. Sophie looks so cute with her ribbon. It is fun to dress them up isn't it! I hope you get some rest tonight. ~Dan~

  4. love the eggs in the basket..great your puppy..:)

  5. I love that crate with the eggs, very nice!!! Miss Sophie sure is a cutie, and love the bow:) Thanks again for my giveaway goodies, LOVE them all!!!!!!!

  6. Donna your crate and eggs looks great. Hope you
    got some good sleep last night. Kay

  7. Love the crate and the eggs turned out great! How did you get the fabric to stay on the plastic?

    What a cutie patootie furbaby!


  8. How mean... how could you have done such a thing to that beautiful dog... ?
    A cookie normally works for me.... good for you..... how long did she keep it there ?
    x x x

  9. Great job on the crate....Sophie is as cute as a button!

  10. Cute crate and both did a great job!
    But Sophie is cuter!! :)

  11. Hey Donna - you won my giveaway! Send me your address and I'll get your sign right out to you!

    I tried to email you but my computer is not letting me use outlook for some reason - grrr . . .

    Love your eggs and crate!

  12. Love them--I did up a batch of eggs, too. Maybe the "potatoes" would look less potatoey (lol) if they were painted or stenciled with prim stars??

    I love Sophie!!


  13. Oh, Donna, what a fabulous creation! Love it! More news ~

    This is Marydon ~ I messed up your email, sorry)

    G'day, Ladies ...
    Sherry will arrive on April 16th so we are planning a luncheon on April 17th in Mt. Airy, MD. After the luncheon (I personally am paying for everyone's lunch) we will come back to my house for a gathering of good times, great chatter & enjoyment. I'd like the gathering of we ladies to be around 12:30PM if it will work for you all. Final details will follow.

    I have 2 extra beds & a couch for anyone who needs a stay over ... first come first serve.

    We (Mt. Airy) are located just off Rt. 70 half way between Frederick & Baltimore.

    I will need to know 2 weeks in advance of your coming for the restaurant reservations I've made. Please let me know ... we are so looking forward to meeting you all.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  14. Lil Miss Sophie is so precious!! I love the bow and bandanna on her. Too cute!

    You and hubby did a wonderful job on the crate and eggs! I've been wanting to cover some eggs with fabric since I love rag balls so much, but I never thought about using the plastic kind. Yours look great! Even the brown ones look really good, and I don't think they look like potatoes at all. So don't fret it. The sheep on the ends of your crate really complete the look. Love it all!