Thursday, January 21, 2010

My winnings and an update on my giveaway!

Hello everyone! I was one of the very fortunate winners of Sandy's giveaway over at The Olde Country Cupboard. My house is going to smell so good for a long time!! There is the best smelling bottle of room spray, along with two bars of primitive soap, and many packets of wax tarts. There was also the cutest little crafting journal and all this was packaged in the sweetest basket! When I opened the box, the smell was soooo nice!! I am so thrilled with everything I won. Thank you so much Sandy! Here's a pic of all my goodies:

I said that if I got to 100 followers, I would add a second prize package to my giveaway. My giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 26th and as of today, I am up to 117 followers! How awesome is that??!! I am so honored and humbled that so many have signed up to have a chance to win. Now you have two chances to win! For the second prize package, I am offering a trio of smaller heart bowl fillers, a wooden heart shaped sign, a box of Candleberry Tarts in Wild Blackberries scent, and a set of ten note cards with envelopes that come in their own little pouch. Here's a pic:

I do want to remind everyone that you have to leave your comment on my January 12th post ONLY!! I have had a few that have commented on other posts asking to be entered and I don't want anyone to miss out on their chance to win. So please double check and make sure that you have left a comment asking to be entered under the correct post! If you haven't, please do so!

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday! It's been a long, busy week! Our computer system is undergoing some maintenance tomorrow at work and I thought I might get to take the day off since we won't be allowed to log on to our computers all day tomorrow, but unfortunately, a lot of my job duties don't require me to use our in house computer system, so it's off to work for me in the morning! Oh well, at least it's Friday. Hubby and I are going to go floor shopping on Saturday. We are replacing the tiles in our laundry room and bathroom and eventually we will do the kitchen too. We aren't real sure yet what we will be getting but we are leaning towards something with a wood look to it. I am excited! We will also be getting Miss Sophie some new chew toys since she thinks my fingers and toes are her chew toys right now! LOL! She is also going to get a new bed and probably some cute little bows and a sweater or two as well. Can you tell that she is already getting spoiled??!!

Well, I've got dirty dishes calling my name so I guess I'd better hop to them. I hope everybody has a great Friday tomorrow!

Until next time. . .



  1. Today must be a lucky day. I just won the sweetest handmade ring over at Mrs. Penniwigs's blog. It looks like a little nest. You can see a picture at my blog. I love your prize! What a great giveaway you won! hugs Kathy from myprimplace

  2. Sure looks like you will be smelling good for a while!!

  3. Hi Donna, thanks for finding me and leaving sweet comments!

    Congrats on your winnings! That's lots of sweet smelling goodies!

    I'm heading over to your Jan. 12th post to enter your neat giveaway. That afghan is beautiful!!

    Looking forward to your future posts, my new friend! =]

  4. Your winnings look all so yummy! Your place is going to smell scrumptous!
    Can't wait to see Sophie's new outfits! tee-hee!
    and have fun floor shopping! the wood look sounds awesome!

  5. Congratulations Donna on your win! I love tarts! lol I bet that package smelled wonderful when you opened it!

    Take care and enjoy floor shopping,

  6. Donna, Congratulations on your fabulous win!! Like the others mentioned, your home is going to smell soooo wonderfully good!!

    I really like your items for your second prize drawing too! Your heart bowl fillers and heart sign are sooo very pretty! I love hearts!

    You are doing a wonderful job with your new blog Donna! I enjoy visiting you each day! You've done wonderful on having over a hundred followers!! That is soo great!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Congrats Donna, you're on a roll girl! Love this second give-away too, how pretty everything is. Have a great week-end, Cindy